Fittr unveils smart ring in India to monitor health vitals

New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) Fitness-tech startup Fittr on Wednesday announced the launch of its FITTR HART smart ring that is designed to improve health and performance monitoring.

Priced at Rs 18,999, the smart ring offers comprehensive health tracking with monitoring of sleep duration and quality, physical performance metrics, and real-time measuring of heart rate variability (HRV), the company said.

The smart ring goes beyond conventional tracking by also measuring skin temperature, a critical indicator of overall wellness and physiological changes. This can aid in the early detection of health imbalances. It also helps set personalised activity goals based on recovery to enhance performance and optimise overall health.

With constant real-time HRV, smart rings have become indispensable wearables for millions who depend on keeping close tabs on these vital health metrics. HRV parameters help to identify people at major risk of developing complications and assess the course of the disease.

According to recent data from International Data Corporation (IDC), smart rings have become prominent besides the new smartwatch and ear wear models.

The smart ring category is also generating a lot of interest from consumers, particularly due to the interesting form factor and several launches in the past few months.

FITTR HART smart ring will be available exclusively at with a special 20 per cent discount, bringing the price down to Rs 15,199 for the first 1,000 users. The offer will be available on e-commerce platforms starting March 2024, the company said.



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