Diljit Dosanjh shares ‘hilarious’ simple tips to cleanse your aura

Mumbai, July 9 (IANS) Punjabi sensation Diljit Dosanjh has shared simple tips for cleansing the aura, which include mountains and his latest film 'Jatt & Juliet 3'.

Diljit took to Instagram and shared a reel.

In the clip, he is seen hiking on a mountain, posing in front of a waterfall, and even drinking from a river.

However, it's the entertaining voiceover that stands out.

The clip begins with a soothing voiceover by Diljit, saying, “Apne kabhi mehsoos kiya hai ke duniya main kaam karte huye logo se milte huye na chahate huye bhi bahut saare thoughts hum apne saath lele te hai jo shayad humaare nahi the jinka humaare zindagi main koi arth nahi tha aur fir woh humain pareshaan karte hai (Have you ever felt that while meeting people, we unintentionally carry many thoughts with us that perhaps weren’t ours and didn’t mean anything in our lives, yet they bother us).”

He suggests that if these unwanted thoughts bog one down, then going to the mountains can help.

The actor-singer then said that once going to the mountains, one can rediscover their inner child. He calmly advises recalling small moments of happiness and being thankful to God.

In a humorous tone, he adds, “Metvarse ke chakkar main jisko experience karne aaye the kahin woh na reh jaaye… Chinta na karein agar pahaad dur padh rahe hain toh ‘Jatt and Juliet 3’ dekhkar aaye saari zindagi ka maksad mil jayega. Aankhein khul jaayegi over (If, in the pursuit of experiencing something new, you end up losing yourself... Don't worry, if the mountains are far away, watch ‘Jatt and Juliet 3’ and you'll find the purpose of life).”

He captioned the video: "Simple way to cleanse your aura."

Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, 'Jatt & Juliet 3' also stars Neeru Bajwa.

The film was released on June 28.



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