Cate Blanchett stresses on society's need for 'tough conversations'

Los Angeles, March 10 (IANS) Hollywood star Cate Blanchett said that society "needs" to have "tough conversations," even if people are scared to share their views.

“Culturally, we are terrified of tough conversations. Boss to employee. Employee to boss. Friend to friend. But we need them,” said Blanchett.

“We talk about radical candour, but when there’s a trigger warning in front of something, you are implying that there is a lack of mutual respect or that the subject hasn’t been properly interrogated,” she told Sunday Times Culture magazine.

The actress found it "thrilling" when her movie 'Tar' was tagged offensive in some quarters because she isn't interested in "happy agreement" and only positive feedback about her work.

She said: “That was the most thrilling thing. You don’t want a film about which everybody is going to say, ‘Well done.’ When people debate it, it’s absolutely thrilling. ‘Tar' was challenging, but travelled on the wave of the audience and not all the conversations were positive.”

“They don’t need to be, just respectful. I don’t want a happy agreement.”

Despite seeing the highs of highs in her career, Blanchett feels that she is always at risk of "failure" with every new project, reports

"(Films like 'The Good German' were seen by) about two and a half people … Clooney and me, speaking German? And that opening the Berlin Film Festival? Mistake."

"There are films millions see, but then simply move on to the next thing. Some films are a slower burn, but you always have to risk failure — that’s the case with every project.”



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