With Prime Minister Narendra Modi declaring January 16 every year as ‘National Start-up Day


WE bring to you the story of a start up setup by our own boy from Punjab, Mr Raj Rana, CEO & Co-Founder at Sexy Beast:

1) Please share with us the story behind your brand?
Sexy Beast, founded in 2020, is synonymous with the bold, confident, and adventurous spirit of the 21st Century, but with roots going back to a world just getting excited about boxer shorts in the late 60s.

Inspired by Devrana Quilting Ltd., an underwear manufacturing company set up by my grandfather, Dev Raj Rana in UK in 1979, I founded Sexy Beast on the same principles of honesty, integrity, and fearlessness that comes naturally to Punjabi men.
Taking the legacy forward, today, Sexy Beast serves as a platform that empowers the community to follow their dreams, irrespective of how bizarre they may seem.

2) Who are the founders? Also, tell us a little bit about the founders and what they’ve done before creating this brand:
The brand has been co-founded by CEO Raj Rana who handles all the digital, technology, outreach material, training, operations, manufacturing, quality control, and HR activities and Samir Mehta who handles strategy, finance, new business, sustainable development and sourcing.

3) What is the kind of apparel do you focus on and why?
Our products are focused on self-expression which means that they make a statement with bold colours and designs that can be worn to various occasions both indoors and outdoors. For instance, you could wear any of our products at home, to a party, while out with friends, or even to bed.

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4) In a market filled with so many options, how have you ensured that your apparel is more suited to the audience you cater to? Also, who is the clientele that you’re focusing on?
Our wide range of designs and bold prints ensure that the brand means something different to everyone in an audience that covers just about every demographic, gender, and age in the Indian landscape. Additionally, our mindfully detailed products justify an ‘affordably luxurious’ price point that sits well with the audience.

5) What defines your aesthetic: in terms of design, silhouettes, colours, patterns, motifs etc? Please be specific. For example, list out specific colours, patterns, motifs or silhouettes that you focus on.
Our designs have been carefully put together to evoke happiness and self-expression. Large prints, bold colours, and uncluttered patterns ensure that you are seen in the light you choose to be seen in. Our designs go through many rounds of decision making on points such as colour, size, imagery and more.     BIG on R&D, all these, and other details like the size and shape of pockets designed to ensure that your phone or wallet don’t fall out even while sitting, the choice of material, and more have consciously been worked on to develop products that beat all others in terms of form, function, and affordability.

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6) How sustainable are you and how do you ensure your apparel is eco-friendly?
We are experimenting with recycled, sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics for our products, but for now, the packaging has zero plastic, and we have recently moved away from cardboard boxes to eco-friendly reusable cotton pouches.

7) Do you stick to a certain kind of fabric? Or if you use more than one kind, what are the fabrics that you use and for what and specifically why?
We go through a lengthy process when picking out fabric. Our boxers use a beautifully constructed fine yarn of 50’s Poplin, that are bio-washed for extra softness. The wash makes a HUGE difference and ensures our product will always come out top in a blind touch test for softness. Our upcoming Tees will be made with a unique blend of micro modal, cotton, and elastic with a 170 GSM thickness of fabric that is not too thick or thin, making them the best in India for sure.

8) Where can one purchase your apparel? Please share the exact website/page/etc.
We have only been available on our own site, www.sexybeast.in for the first year. We have just launched on Bewakoof’s new marketplace and shall launch on another 2 marketplaces by March 2022.

9) What are your price ranges? Lowest to highest?
Rs 249 – Masks
Rs 699 – Lounge Boxers
Rs 999 – Pyjamas