When Kapil Sharma was slapped, thrown out of film set by Sunny Deol-starrer ‘Gadar’ action director


Film’s action director Tinu Verma in a recent chat with veteran actor Mukesh Khanna said that he was once very angry with Kapil Sharma for not following instructions and the comedian ended up getting a slap.

Kapil was a part of the crowd in Sunny Deol’s Gadar, but when he did not follow instructions by the director, he ended up getting slapped and was thrown out of the film unit.

Kapil too had shared that he played a small part of Sunny Deol’s Gadar and even though the scene he featured he never made it to the final cut.

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As per Tinu, they were shooting with a huge crowd and everyone was instructed to run towards the train. As soon as he called action, the crowd started running towards the train, but kapil was running in the opposite direction. Tinu called him and asked him to follow instructions. “Teri vajah se one more hua hai shot (We are doing one more take because of you,)” Tinu recalled, reports Indian Express.

Tinu said that when they started rolling again, once again, Kapil ran in the opposite side. Tinu said, “Then I put the camera down and ran towards him. The moment I caught him, I slapped him and threw him out off the set.”

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Later, when Sunny Deol appeared on Kapil’s show, Kapil spoke of the incident. He said he ran to the opposite side because he wanted to stand out. However, Sunny was shocked to learn that Kapil was a part of his film.