Welcome 2021 with positivity


Written by VP

How one wishes 2020 was a one-off nightmare. That, sadly, is not the case. It’s a reality that stares in the face even as a new strain of Coronavirus haunts Europe, set to unleash more misery across the globe. Where are we going and what are we going to do? There are endless questions, answers none. There are countless doubts, solutions scant. Will humankind ever be the same again? Where have we brought the future generations to? Cusp of doom?Into a world where one can’t even shake hands? Is this what our children deserve? Not quite. Yet, all is not lost. There is a lot that needs applause.

For a start, let’s just for a moment forget what 2020 was all about and welcome 2021 with a hope that humankind will bounce back. Let’s just pray for the souls of the ones who lost the battle to Corona. Let’s applaud the health workers who fought tooth and nail with it; they still are and will continue to do so. How about lighting a candle in their honour on December 31 eve as we bid goodbye to 2020? That’s the least they deserve, right?

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As we move ahead in time, let’s resolve neither to cower nor submit, however hard and long the struggle may be. Let’s spread a few smiles; they never hurt anyone! The darkest hour always precedes the dawn and we have already seen it pitch dark. Now is the time to look forward to sunshine and salute the spirit of humanity.

Even as speculations whether we are dealing with a biological weapon, let loose upon the world for reasons best known to the perpetrators, are rife, the anti-Corona vaccine is at various stages of development globally. Some countries have even started administering the vaccine to those who are batting the spectre on the frontlines. That’s a positive sign, why look for the negatives?

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The coming year could mark a longer struggle, but it could also signal the end of this deadly virus. That’s a hope worth sustaining. The universe responds to such vibes in a manner most benign, so can we collectively look at all the good it has to offer? We sure can!

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