WATCH seagull shoplifting chips, so cute!


This has to be the cutest shoplifter you’d ever see. In an astonishing yet hilarious video, a seagull is seen stealing a bag of chips from a superstore at Aberdeen in Scotland. The whole act of theft was captured on camera and shared on Facebook, which amused everyone who saw it. The neat way the seagull enters the store and does its job can give any professional thief a run for his money. This is probably the only crime video that has people going ‘wow’ with amazement.

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In the video clip, a seagull can be seen lurking outside a store, probably trying to figure out a way to enter. Once the automatic door opens by a customer passing by, it grabs the opportunity to sneak in. It goes straight for the kill, a packet of chips, and swiftly walks out, seemingly after realising how the automatic door works with sensors.

As soon as the bird steps out of the store with the snack, it drops the pack on the floor and punches it with its sharp beak a few times to rip it open.

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The video was shared on a Facebook group page ‘ABERDEEN IN COLOUR’ by one Neil Traynor and has left the viewers in splits.