Victoria’s last Covid restrictions set to go tomorrow

Victorians can look forward to more freedoms with the easing of some of its last remaining COVID-19 restrictions at 6pm tomorrow.
Density limits in hospitality venues have been scrapped, people will no longer need to check-in at supermarkets and retail venues, and dance floors are back.
Premier Daniel Andrews said people will still need to use a QR code to check-in at restaurants and pubs considered part of the “vaccine economy”.
Victoria’s face mask mandate will remain in place for now, with Health Minister Martin Foley set to consider easing the measure and office settings next week.
Mr Foley and the premier said they wanted to see if hospitalisations continued to fall or remained stable, before scrapping the mask mandate in offices.
“We are confident in the steps we are announcing today, for tomorrow,” Mr Foley said.
“It would not be prudent, nor would it be sensible to predict what will happen in a week’s time.
“It would be appropriate next Friday to revisit the issue of masks coming off in office settings.”
In addition, the state’s industries will no longer be required to undertake mandatory COVID-19 testing, with testing moving to a recommendation basis only.
The requirement for hospital worker “bubbles” will also be removed, and international arrivals will no longer need to obtain a permit from Service Victoria.
The 14-day hotel quarantine period will be reduced to seven days for overseas travellers who are not fully vaccinated.
Mr Andrews said he was committed to ensuring Victoria’s restrictions were closely aligned with the settings in place in New South Wales.
“I know what everyone wants – they want to take off their masks inside,” he said.
“We just have to wait a little bit longer, that’s where we are headed, that’s likely where we will finish up next Friday.”
Mr Andrews said Victoria’s “unity” with NSW had served the state well.
The only notable difference between the states is that vaccination is not mandatory in NSW in order to go to hospitality and entertainment venues.