Victoria records 22,429 new Covid cases; Health Minister slams the unvaccinated

Victoria has recorded 22,429 new COVID-19 cases and six deaths in the past 24 hours.
Hospitalisations took another jump, with 1229 now admitted with COVID-19, up from 1114 yesterday.
There are 38 people on ventilation, and 129 in intensive care.
Of today’s positive cases, 10,370 were from rapid antigen tests and 12,059 from PCR tests.
Positive results from RATs could rise in coming weeks though, with an initial shipment of three million being rolled out across the state.
People with symptoms are still encouraged to get a PCR test if they are able.
More RATs are expected to arrive in Victoria in the coming month.
Essential workers in health and aged care and people with underlying conditions will have priority on those kits, which began to be delivered yesterday.
More than 6000 doctors, nurses and other staff in Victoria’s healthcare system are currently not able to work, because of infections or close contact quarantine measures.
After Victorians had experienced RAT shortages, Acting Chief Health Officer Professor Ben Cowie said “the tide is starting to turn” and people can look forward to “significantly increased access” in the coming days and weeks.
Victoria has ordered 44 million of the kits, meaning the vast majority are still yet to arrive.
Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the latest data from NSW Health showed that people who were not fully vaccinated were six times more likely to be hospitalised and 13 times more like to need intensive care, if they caught COVID-19.
“That means you are requiring the assistance of the health staff who are already exhausted,” he said.
“Can I just say to those people who have chosen not to get vaccinated – it’s time to give a damn about someone other than yourself.
“Give a damn about your community, your family, and most particularly, the health staff across NSW who you expect to be looking after you, if and when you end up in our hospital system.”