Victoria bids to host 2026 Commonwealth Games in regions

The Victorian Government has made a bid to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games in an unprecedented way: as a “predominantly regional” event.
Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the government will push to host the games, having signed an agreement with the Commonwealth Games Federation to enter into exclusive negotiations about its proposal.
Mr Andrews said the Victorian Government was offering a real “point of difference” for the event, which would be a “predominantly regional Victoria event”.
“Our vision for these games will be like no other and they be will great for regional Victoria,” he said.
“We want to have as much of this in regional Victoria as we possibly can.”
“We have all that is needed to make an event like this a fantastic success,” he said.
Mr Andrews said hosting the event would bring a huge economic benefit and create more jobs and housing in regional Victoria.
Minister for Regional Development Mary-Anne Thomas added the event would help tourism in regional Victoria, encouraging people to discover Victoria’s famous food and wine.
The Commonwealth Games was last held in Victoria in 2006, when Melbourne was the host city.