Ukrainian man tries to stop Russian tank with his body as 120,000 people flee Ukraine

Dramatic footage has emerged from Ukraine showing citizens standing in front of Russian tanks, attempting to stop them from moving forward, sparking comparisons to a symbolic image from Tiananmen Square.
The video filmed in Bakhmach, north-east of Kyiv, shows numerous Russian tanks driving on the roads.
A man steps in front of a tank and jumps on top however the tank continues to move forward.
He then jumps off and puts his hands on the tank trying to hold it back.
The tank suddenly stops and the man moves in front of it, kneeling to obstruct its path.
A voice in the video said, “they are throwing their bicycles underneath the Russian tanks”.
The person also said, “people are begging the tanks to stop”.
Eventually, the tank continues forward.
The video shows the lengths Ukrainians are going to stop the Russian invasion and has been likened to other historical moments of conflict.
Meanwhile, dragging suitcases and carrying children, tens of thousands of Ukrainians rushed to the borders on Saturday as invading Russian troops pressed their advance into Ukraine, moving toward the country’s capital of Kyiv.
Nearly 120,000 people have so far fled Ukraine into Poland and other neighbouring countries in the wake of the Russian invasion, the UN refugee agency said.
Some walked many miles through the night while others fled by train, car or bus, forming lines miles long at border crossings.