Tarsame Mittal Founder Of Talent Management (TM Music) in Conversation With Navneet Anand


Tarsame Mittal is the Founder of TM Talent Management. Tarsame has over ‘ 13‘ years in the music and entertainment industry. With TMTM, he aims to transform the way talent is perceived in the country.

While graduating from Guwahati Commerce College in 2004, Tarsame also appeared for Foundation Examinations from ICAI and ICSI and cleared both the examinations in 1st Class. Started to work at a young age during his college days, he was involved in teaching students, modelling, anchoring, organizing events and many other small time jobs. With his aggressive attitude and professional approach, he has started various businesses and excelled in all fields he is operating.

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Tarsame Mittal Talent Management is a very emotional project for Tarsame and he personally looks after this business. The young entrepreneur sees immense potential in the Indian music industry and has taken his passion about building and nurturing talent and promoting music in the country to a next level by building up TM Talent Management with experienced people from diverse segments.

Tarsame aims to establish the company as a very clean, transparent and business driven company. His plan is to establish the company as a 360 degree solution for any musician who might be successful or who is just starting a career in the industry.

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