Sydney cluster grows by two cases with new infections

Sydney’s new coronavirus cluster has grown by  two cases, as new alerts were issued for Sydney trains, an Ikea and a cafe as far south as Wollongong.
It brings the cluster to six, with much of the focus of calls to get tested continuing to focus on thousands of people who went to Westfield Bondi Junction last weekend.
There were officially two new cases recorded, but one, a woman in her 70s who crossed paths with the ‘patient zero’ driver in Belle cafe in nearby Vaucluse was announced yesterday, and another will be in tomorrow’s figures.
A woman in her 40s who lives near Westfield Bondi Junction and often visits is one of the new cases. It’s not know when she might have caught the virus.
A man in his 30s who lives in the CBD but also often visits the mall has also tested positive.
That case has sparked a alert for the Broken Drum cafe in Fairy Meadow, Illawarra, for yesterday ( Friday) between 10:20am and 10:40pm.
NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard renewed calls for people to get tested if they went to the shopping centre last weekend at any time, after CCTV appeared to show transmission between the original case in a driver in his 50s, and a man who passed by him in Myer.
“It is fair to say that this Delta virus would appear to be a near and present danger to anybody who is in the vicinity,” Mr Hazzard said.
“My very strong message to the community is if you have been in or around the Westfield shopping centre, you have to understand that it is not just Myer, David Jones, it is the concern we have is that even if you happen to be passing the person who was infectious, for example, on an escalator, walking along a passageway, going through the airspace with a person has breathed out, we could see you becoming positive.”
Mr Hazzard said they are continuing to probe CCTV footage of the man in his 50s who is thought to have caught the virus from the driver in the shop.
He said he “was no more than seconds in the near vicinity of the limousine driver in the original case.
“Looking at it, it would appear he was somewhere in the range of between 10 and possibly 50-60 centimetres away in a passing situation,” he said.