Study: It’s never too late to introduce healthy lifestyle changes

Research has found lifestyle changes as late as age 80 could add years to a person’s life.
Scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway found simple lifestyle changes at age 60 could see a person add almost ten years to their life.
The researchers also found making healthy adjustments at 80 could add an extra three years to a person’s life.
The changes primarily include a healthy diet.
“Those whole grains, legumes, and nuts – they really stood out as key foods and that sort of backs up what we have heard from other studies,” nutritional scientist Dr Joana McMillan said.
Other adjustments include napping less during the day and being active.
David Soloman found the balance of these adjustments have helped him feel better than ever.
“It removes so much stress from my life because I have a pretty demanding job in the city,” Mr Soloman said.
Marcus Bondi, who will be 60 in three years, said he has “never felt better” after keeping active at the beach and adjusting his diet.
“You’ll feel results straight away,” he said.
“You’ll be happier and healthier, more time for your life, for your wife.
“You get more out of your day, every second of the day is precious.”
Experts said the earlier a person adopts a healthy lifestyle, the greater the benefits they will experience.
It is also never too late to change lifestyle habits, experts added.
“It’s not just a longer life, when you can be unhealthy and unhappy, increasing your health span, not just your life span,” University of Sydney Professor Stephen Simpson said.