Read conditions in rain-affected areas, forecast of wet weekend stays

As wild weather continues to lash south-east Queensland and parts of northern New South Wales, many have been left wondering if the rain will ever stop.
Although there have been promising signs overnight, the two states are not quite out of the woods yet.
Yesterday, several severe weather warnings were cancelled across Sydney and NSW, however there is a strong chance of heavy rainfall today before skies are scheduled to clear this afternoon.
The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is forecasting between 10 to 20 mm of rain in Sydney today. This will lighten again on Saturday with between three to 10mm forecast, before strengthening to a possible 15 to 30 mm on Sunday.
Early next week the rain is set to ease again, however conditions are volatile.

Ballina and northern rivers 

The forecast in Ballina and surrounds is similar to Sydney in the coming days, with conditions set to remain wet today, before scattering over the weekend.
Today the BoM predicts an 80 per cent chance of rain today, with possible thunderstorms expected this afternoon.
“The chance of a thunderstorm, possibly severe with heavy rain which may lead to flash flooding during this afternoon and evening,” The BoM said.
There is between one and six millimetres and three to 10mm of rainfall expected over Saturday and Sunday respectively.


Brisbane residents have been told to expect consistent rainfall over the coming three days, with conditions set to remain humid – with above 30C temperatures forecast all weekend – and damp.
The BoM predicts a 70 per cent chance of rain today in Brisbane, with between four to 15mm set to fall over the city.
The BoM said these are expected to hit this afternoon.
“The issue is our catchments are so full, so saturated it is really not going to take much rain at all for them to come up once again,” Today reporter Jess Millward explained.
“Today is really going to test the patience of people. That is because the Mud Army is standing by, 10,000 people. Now they won’t be deployed until tomorrow because of the severe weather forecast. Schools have been closed.
“Today is going to be a very trying day for south east Queensland.”
Similar conditions are set for Saturday and Sunday, before the heavy rainfall is forecast to trail off early and mid next week.