Rain forecast for east coast over next four days

More rain is being forecast on the flood-struck east coast of Australia over the next four days.
The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted that up to 10mm of rain will fall in showers over the next few days.
While such a forecast pales in comparison to the hundreds of millimetres of rain that drenched coastal New South Wales and southeast Queensland, it is still unwelcome news for people trying to dry out their homes.
Further inland in NSW, a deepening trough will bring the chance of heavy rain and damaging winds on the weekend.
Falls will be light on Saturday and Sunday in Sydney, with Monday forecast to be rainier.
Temperatures are expected to range from 17C to 25C most days in the coming week.
Similar conditions are forecast in Newcastle and Wollongong.
Fortunately for the particularly badly hit parts of northern NSW, the rain is forecast to be lighter.
Lismore isn’t expected to get more than a couple of millimetres of rain until Tuesday, with rainier weather forecast later in the week.


Today is forecast to be the rainiest day of the coming week in Brisbane, but only a top of three millimetres is forecast.
On the weekend less than 0.2 mm is forecast to fall, barely worth opening the umbrella for.
Temperatures will reach 27C most days in the next week.
Further north, it will be hot with some showers in Townsville, Cairns and Rockhampton in the coming week.


Melbourne will take a chilly turn overnight, dropping to 12C with a chance of fog in the morning.
But temperatures will warm to 28C on Sunday with the slim chance of rain.

Western Australia

The heatwave will offer no let-up today, with a scorching 39C forecast in Perth today.
There is a slim chance of a thunderstorm and gusty winds in the afternoon and evening.
But the relative cool change will hit tomorrow, cooling down to a maximum of 29C and a minimum of 20C.
There is only a slim chance of rain.

South Australia

Today will be warm and mostly sunny in Adelaide with a top of 27C.
Adelaide residents can look forward to a sunny weekend, with a top of 32C tomorrow.
There is no rain forecast.