Police hunt ‘African’ gang members after Adelaide bar brawl leaves six hurt

A police taskforce is hunting suspected gang members involved in a wild brawl at an Adelaide bar.
Knives and a machete were used, and six were taken to hospital.
Officers were called to the Nairobi Lounge on Grenfell Street after reports of a brawl just after 1 am.
One man had his life saved at the scene.
Paramedics were working on the 24-year old man who had been stabbed multiple times.
In footage, people can be seen fleeing the bar moments before police patrols arrived.
South Australia Police Chief Inspector Matt Nairn called what happened “very concerning”.
“We can identify the people involved are people of African descent, this is an African type of nightclub, involved in the incident,” he said.
Two men, aged 18 and 22, have been arrested.
The investigation involves officers from Police Taskforce Meld, which was set up to combat youth crime in Adelaide.
Nairobi Lounge operators told a news channel they believed trouble makers had come from outside and targeted a private event being held at the venue.
They condemned the violence and said security measures such as metal detectors had been introduced to precent it.
Investigators have appealed for anyone with information about the fight, or who may have filmed the incident on a mobile phone or dashcam to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.