Police find 10,000 fake ‘Xanax’ tablets in Adelaide

Police are warning that taking illegally-sourced prescription drugs could have “catastrophic consequences” after officers seized 10,000 fake ‘Xanax’ tablets in Adelaide.
The tablets, which police believe a 20-year-old Mawson Lakes man was planning to sell, were found to have actually contained Clonazolam, a drug that is much stronger than Xanax.
The warning from South Australia Police has been issued after three teenagers took fake ‘Xanax’ tablets and then had to be urgently hospitalised earlier this month.
Detective Superintendent Billy Thompson said the 10,000 fake ‘Xanax’ tablets his team seized on Thursday were destined for illegal sale and could have had catastrophic consequences for people choosing to take them.
“We want the community, including young people, to be aware that products for sale on the internet or via other sources are dangerous,” he said.
“Criminals manufacture these products using potentially dangerous and poisonous ingredients, for their own gain. Ingesting tablets or substances from unknown sources can be potentially fatal or lead to an overdose.”
The Mawson Lakes man was arrested and has been charged with trafficking in a large commercial quantity of a controlled drug, resist arrest, money laundering, unlawful possession and possessing prohibited weapon.