Petrol leak on flooded roads in Sydney south

Residents of Kurnell in Sydney’s south woke to an alarming petrol smell after heavy rainfall saw a fuel retention pit fill with water, covering parts of the township in floodwater mixed with fuel residue.
Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) say there is no risk of danger despite the smell of fuel in the air.
Hazmat specialists attended the scene alongside authorities to allay community fears of any potential explosions or fires.
Petrol has been mixing with floodwaters in Sydney after a pump failed at Australia’s largest fuel import terminal.

The wastewater treatment plant at the Kurnell terminal of petroleum company, Ampol became overwhelmed by floodwaters overnight.

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Water began to spill out onto the street, discharging ‘hydrocarbon products’ and contaminating floodwaters.

Emergency services are onsite at Elouera Road near Greenhills to manage the hazardous material and working to prevent contamination.

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW), which is now in control of the incident, announced around 8am that there was no risk of danger, despite the smell of fuel in the air.

“Significant rainfall overnight has filled a refinery retention pit with water, mixing with fuel residue at the site and creating a pungent odour in the area,” FRNSW said in a statement.

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Hazmat specialists have been at the scene, along with NSW Police, the State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service and other authorities, working together to assess and deal with the situation, and allay community fears.