Paedophile Robert Hugh granted parole, to go back to UK

Hey Dad! star and convicted paedophile Robert Hughes has been granted parole and will be deported.
Hughes has been behind bars since 2014 for sexually and indecently assaulting four girls over a period of 20 years in the 1980s and 1990s.
He was first eligible for parole in April 2020 but has twice been knocked back.
A decision by the NSW State Parole Authority (SPA) this morning ruled that he must be released by June 14.
“On the totality of the available material the Authority is satisfied release to parole is in the interests of the safety of the community,” it said.
“Release at this time presents as the only sensible course.
“The offender has been assessed as below average risk.
“He intends to live with his wife and does not intend to seek employment.”
When Hughes is released, he will be deported to the UK because he is a non-lawful citizen, having renounced his Australian citizenship in 2020.
His wife claims she has found treatment for him there.
A psychological report by Corrective Services NSW from last month referred to Hughes as “a categorical denier who lacks victim empathy”.
Last week, at a NSW SPA hearing, the judge noted, “there is nothing available for him in jail”.