NSW public schools get ‘targeted support’ to overcome students’ unique needs


All NSW public schools will benefit from high quality support aimed at improving educational outcomes for their students, with a strong focus on lifting reading and numeracy results.

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the targeted support, a central aspect of the School Success Model, means schools receive high impact programs and resources tailored to their unique needs.

“The success of every student is at the heart of the NSW education system, which is why it’s so important we provide better support for all schools, and especially those that need it most.

“Ultimately the model holds every level of the Department, from the Secretary to executives to directors and principals, accountable and responsible for each and every one of our NSW public school students receiving the best educational outcomes possible.”

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“Every single public school has been identified by the Department to receive universal, guided, or strategic support, based on a range of metrics,” Ms Mitchell said.

Through the School Success Model:

  • 259 schools are receiving strategic support which includes intensive help to uplift performance in reading, numeracy and attendance.
  • 872 schools are receiving targeted guidance to support the use of universal resources for a focus area at schools who require support.
  • All schools can access the Universal Resources Hub with the latest evidence-led learning resources and tools categorised by identified focus areas.
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“This year, more than 1000 schools are receiving targeted support to improve student reading and numeracy results and lift their performance, helping around 500,000 students.

“The School Success Model will drive systemic improvement; it will champion our best schools and help those that are struggling.

“Support ranges from looking at whether teaching practices and learning programs reflect evidence-based best practice, to exploring the best use of a school’s unspent additional funding according to educational need.

“Support is also being offered in the areas of behaviour, Aboriginal HSC attainment, attendance and financial management,” Ms Mitchell said.