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NSW govt’s FuelCheck app to lead you to nearest, cheapest filling station


The NSW government is encouraging customers to check the NSW FuelCheck app to help find the State’s best value fuel before filling up at the bowser.

Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government Victor Dominello said the FuelCheck app, one of more than 70 Cost of Living savings offered by the NSW Government, can direct users to the cheapest petrol near them.

 “The FuelCheck app is easy to use and allows you to compare prices at local petrol stations to find the best deal by location, price or fuel type,” Mr Dominello said.

 “FuelCheck displays the price for more than 2,400 petrol stations across NSW with users also able to set up alerts for when the price drops under a certain threshold.

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 “With fuel prices rising to record highs, the free FuelCheck app helps motorists shop around to find the most cost-effective refill. It’s just one way the NSW Government is helping people with the cost of living.”

 On average, FuelCheck saves drivers about $500 a year by giving them the power to search for the best deal by location, price, fuel type or brand on their smart phone, tablet or computer.

 “FuelCheck is the most reliable and comprehensive source of petrol price information in the market,” Mr Dominello said.

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“By law every petrol station in NSW must report their prices in real-time and operators who fail to comply can be fined.” Users can compare Unleaded 91 and Ethanol 10, Premium 95 (P95) and Premium 98 (P98) prices as well as Diesel and Premium Diesel.

The FuelCheck app has now been downloaded more than 1.76 million times and the website has been visited 20 million times with more than 93.5 per cent of motorists giving it the thumbs up.