NSW govt, higher education sector collaborate for strong COVID-19 recovery

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The launch of a NSW Higher Education Strategy will drive strengthened and effective partnerships between government and the higher education sector that will be vital to supporting a strong COVID-19 recovery.

Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education Geoff Lee said the five-year strategy will help the government to harness the power of the sector to meet emerging social, economic and environmental challenges.

“Recent challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, bushfires and ongoing drought in parts of NSW, have highlighted the importance of strong partnerships between the NSW Government and the higher education sector,” Mr Lee said.

“The Strategy will build on the strong working relationship we already have with our world class higher education institutions and will guide the development of new and ongoing collaborations as the state recovers.

“Universities and other higher education institutions play a key role in our state, they educate our citizens, produce world class research and make a significant contribution to our economy.”

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The Strategy is the result of extensive consultation across the higher education sector and NSW Government.

The Convener of the NSW Vice-Chancellors’ Committee Professor Barney Glover AO said that the new Strategy recognises the pivotal role of the sector to generate opportunities for the people of NSW.

“The university sector in NSW and the ACT is diverse, dynamic, impactful and accessible and is world class for research, teaching and student experience.

“The Strategy provides a clear vision for bold and innovative collaboration across a range of priority areas aimed at contributing to the economic and social productivity of NSW,” Professor Glover said.

“Universities look forward to working closely with the NSW Government on implementation of the Strategy over the next five years and I commend the NSW Government for its leadership and strong support of the sector.

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The Strategy identifies five priority areas for greater alignment between the higher education sector and NSW’s priorities for social and economic development:

·         Develop and broaden post-school options to foster lifelong learning;

·         Ensure wider participation in quality higher education;

·         Drive job growth, skills and innovation;

·         Strengthen collaborations to bolster research outcomes; and

·         Position NSW globally by reinvigorating and diversifying international education and engagement.

Implementation of the Strategy will be led by the NSW Department of Education in close consultation with the higher education sector and key stakeholders across government.

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