National Faunal Repository inaugurated at Solan, fauna species on verge of extinction documented


While dedicating the ‘National Faunal Repository of Himalaya cum Museum’ to the nation at Solan on Saturday, Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar said that there was a need to make serious efforts to bring our rich tradition and heritage in front of everyone. Appreciating the efforts of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), High Altitude Regional Centre, Solan in this direction, he said that their hard work on documentation of fauna species on verge of extinction in the Himalayan region was really commendable.

Addressing the scientists, the Governor said that there was a need to undertake such research and heritage institutions. He added that the ZSI has been working since last many years and explored many heritage but still has much to do. He said that our heritage was so rich and it was challenging to document it. Unfortunately, for the last several years, we have not made concerted efforts in this direction, but now works were being made in this direction, he said. He added that there was a need to bring this ‘treasure’ to the public and also preserve them for future.

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He said that ZSI established them not to store faunal collections, nor to display, but rather to educate the public in Himachal, residents or visitors, about our faunal wealth, and our present and our place in this great country.

The museum displays rich faunal wealth, pristine environment and experiences from a present-day perspective.

“This Repository and Museum reflects an illustration of our Indian cultural identity.  Museums and repositories are not warehouses of the past, but rather our present, embodied in how we look at our rich biodiversity and India, within the world in general”, said Arlekar.

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Director, Zoological Survey of India, Dr. Dhriti Banerjee She said that Zoological Survey of India’s “Himalayan Faunal Repository cum Museum” tells the story of our faunal wealth. It also encourages visitors to learn more about the Himachal Pradesh nature, biodiversity and much more.