Manoj Bakshi, an inseparable part of Indian cinema since 2 decades

Manoj Bakshi is remembered for his versatile performance in films, famous for his role ‘Qureshi’ (Pakistan cop man) in Bajrangi Bhaijaan with Salman Khan, brought him a new identity in Bollywood industry in 2015.
Acting is an art and one doesn’t need to learn it from universities if one knows how to tell their story.
Born on 13 October, 1965 in Delhi, Manoj Bakshi has always been an enthusiast. His interest lay in the world of cinema. So, he decided to be an actor. He chose films, television, theatre, whatever came his way.
Bakshi began his career as a theater artist in 1980. He has worked in plays in Uttar Pradesh for 18 years, Bakshi has performed key roles in many plays such as Mahabhoj, Chandrmukhi,Til ka tad , dil ki dukan, Chor nikal ke bhaga, es dard ki dawa and many more outstanding works. He appeared in more than 70 films in a career spanning over four decades.
Bakshi is knows for his work in Indian cinema, he started giving hit films one by one like ‘Do Dooni chaar’ in (2010) ‘No one killed Jessica, ‘Junooniyat’ (2016) Gori tere pyaar mein (2013), etc.
Manoj Bakshi acted in the movie Panipat as a very controversial character Maharaja Surajmal. He has also played a Hindu Jat ruler of Bhartpur in Rajasthan.