Man found dead in floodwaters south-west of Sydney

A man has been found dead in floodwaters at Cobbitty, south-west of Sydney.
The body was found in a car that had been submerged on Cut Hill Road at about 7.55am.
Police are working to retrieve the body.
Residents in flood-affected areas of NSW have been urged to be cautious on the road even as the rain eases.
River levels are set to continue to rise during the next 12 to 24 hours, and flooded roads continue to pose dangers.
A complement of 1200 SES volunteers were out during the wild weather yesterday, with more than 1200 calls for assistance and 35 flood rescues needed.
Thousands of residents have been warned today to evacuate or prepare to leave their homes.
There are 23 evacuation orders and 16 warnings in place across the state, including for parts of Camden, Chipping Norton, Richmond and Pitt Town.