Man accused of stabbing Sydney woman was best man at her wedding

The man accused of allegedly stabbing a woman at the doorstep of her Sydney home was her husband’s best man at their wedding.
Police said Helen Coulston, 45, opened her front door to Matthew Ramsay, 46, before she was allegedly stabbed at her Dover Heights doorstep on Monday afternoon.
Her husband, Walt Coulston, said the incident was “a bit weird” as Ramsay is his childhood friend.
“Could you imagine the person who was the best man at your wedding and the godfather to your daughter doing that?” Coulston said.
Ramsay has been charged with causing wounding or grievous bodily harm with intent to murder.
The 46-year-old from Bellevue Hill had the attempted murder charge mentioned in court on Tuesday.
A shoplifting charge was also mentioned where Ramsay is accused of stealing $30 worth of snacks from a Woollahra service station.
Ramsay was refused bail and will return to court in October.
Helen has since been discharged from hospital after suffering a severe chest wound and is now recovering at home.
Coulston, said his wife is doing as “well as you can expect”.