Labor party accuses Morrison of ‘leaving behind’ Australians in India


Labor Party has asked the Morrison Government to take immediate steps to support the almost 10,000 Australians stranded in India – rather than issuing threats.

To threaten citizens in a crisis with jail and heavy fines is simply not who we are, a press release issued by three Labor MPs, lead by Anthony Albanese, read.

These are fellow Australians in need of assistance and compassion – instead they’ve been literally left behind by the Morrison Government.

Labor believes there is a great deal more that can be done to help Australians stranded in India, whether it’s with vaccinations, financial support, or ensuring there are repatriation flights as soon as possible.

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Getting these Australians home requires safe, national quarantine.

The Morrison Government was warned last year about the need for surge capacity in quarantine for emergency situations like India faces now. Their failure to deliver on this has left Australians less safe at home and overseas.

If the Prime Minister kept his promise to get stranded Australians home by Christmas, our fellow citizens wouldn’t be in this awful situation.

Labor understands that Australia’s success and India’s success are connected, as regional neighbours who share democratic values.

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We all need to work together to fight COVID-19 and get stranded Australians home safely, because no one is safe until we are all safe.