Jaya Bachchan says ‘will not have a problem’ if granddaughter has a child without marriage


“I have no problem if you have a child without a marriage,” this was what veteran actor Jaya Bachchan told her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda while speaking to her on her podcast.

She went on to say: “People will find it objectionable coming from me but physical attraction and compatibility are also very important. If there isn’t a physical relationship, it’s not going to last very long.”

She also suggests that she should marry her best friend.

Jaya spoke all this on this week’s episode of the ‘What the Hell Navya’ podcast where they were discussing modern relationships.

“My suggestion to this generation would be… I’m looking at it very clinically. Since there’s a lack of that emotion, the romance today… I think you should marry your best friend,” Jaya said.

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Jaya said, “You should have a good friend, you should discuss and say, ‘Okay, maybe I’d like to have a child with you because I like you, I think you’re nice, so let’s get married because that’s what the society’s saying’. I have no problem if you have a child without a marriage also, I really don’t have a problem.”

Mother Shweta Nanda was also a party of the show.

The three also spoke about how close and intimate weddings were better than big fat weddings. And then Jaya shared how she got married to Amitabh Bachchan. Jaya that they had to get married in October because they wanted to go on a holiday after Zanjeer’s success, their parents suggested that they should get married and then go.

Hence, the wedding happened in June. She said that they had an intimate wedding. “We had decided we will marry in October, because by then my work would have reduced. But he had told me, ‘I definitely don’t want a wife who will be 9 to 5. Please work, but not every day. You choose your projects and work with the right people’,” she shared.