I enjoy reading books more than reading online: Poonam Pandey


Lesser known fact about Poonam is that she is a bookworm and enjoys her time reading books during the lockdown period. With the lockdown in force, she is getting time to dive into the world of literature. Amongst all the genres, she particularly enjoys reading biographies “They are so insightful and inspirational” she says.

“I enjoy reading books more than reading online. I feel the young generation is missing out on a lot by not reading. I read around three books a week, sometimes more depending on my schedule” adds Poonam*

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“Reading helps you unleash your imagination and you can travel a whole world through a book.” It is not only reading that keeps her happy. She is also fond of painting and watching films. “No Sunday is complete without a film and not just Bollywood or Hollywood, i love world cinema”