HP clinical team recommends Covid patients to reach hospitals soon


A Spokesperson of Health Department informed here today that the State Clinical Team on the basis of death audit has concluded that due to fear of quarantine, social stigma and taking common cold lightly, there has been a delayed presentation of Covid patients to the health facilities. He said that there have been few instances of late referral.

He informed that Comorbid patients shall be admitted in Dedicated Covid Care Centre (Controlled comorbidities) and Dedicated Covid Health Centre (Uncontrolled comorbidities) with intense monitoring and early recognition of a dip in oxygen saturation and/or breathing problems. He said that in order to avoid exposure of comorbid patients during their routine hospital visits, it is advised that the comorbid and aged population should use the services of Tele consultation by e sanjeevani OPD. If such patients come to hospitals they should be prescribed medicines for underlying comorbidities for at least 3 months period.

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He said that all the comorbid Covid positive patients insisting on home isolation should monitor their medical parameters more frequently and diligently. Covid-19 infected patients in home isolation should register themselves in Himachal Covid care app for regular follow up. These patients should be aware about the drugs (dosing, frequency of intake, timing of intake etc.), infection control practices, modalities and frequency of monitoring. This would help in early identification of the red flag signs and further ensure early and safe referral to higher health facility which is of utmost importance in decreasing mortality.

He further added that directions have been issued in the field to address the delayed presentation of the Covid-19 Patients to the health care facilities. It has been directed that facilities like a dedicated central desk can be established, which should be manned round the clock with dedicated personnel for the timely referral and intensive and focused IEC activities should be done to create awareness in the public. He said that the doctors involved in Covid-19 patient’s care have been directed to attend the regular update conducted by the State Covid clinical team, State Institute of Health and Family Welfare Parimahal, Himachal Pradesh and AIIMS.

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He appealed that all the doctors should follow treatment protocol issued by the MOHFW, GOI, AIIMS/ICMR and State treatment guidelines protocol issued from time to time. The patients who are suspected to be suffering from Covid-19 like symptoms and whose Covid-19 RT-PCR for Covid-19 report is negative but show features of SARI (fall in oxygen saturation, tachypnoea) should be admitted in Triage area of the hospital and presumptive therapy recommended for Covid-19 management should be started till the RT-PCR report is available to avoid delay in initiation of treatment and achieve better clinical outcomes.