Horror landing attempt at Heathrow Airport due to high winds

A British Airways jet was filmed nearly toppling onto its side during a horror landing attempt at Heathrow Airport in London.

Footage captured by plane spotters on Monday showed the jet, which had departed from Aberdeen, sway heavily on to its left side as it approached the runway.

The video, shown on Big Jet TV, showed the plane almost lean heavily to one side as its tail appeared to make contact with the ground, creating a cloud of what aviation enthusiasts call plane dust.

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The pilot managed to steady the jet and pull it up before flying off for another – successful – landing attempt.

The pilot was forced to abort the wobbly touch down due to high winds.
After the plane almost toppled onto its side, the pilot managed to steady the aircraft.
He pointed it back up to the skies and pulled off for another landing attempt.

Winds of up to 92mph wreaked havoc across the UK at the weekend as Storms Malik and then Corrie hurtled across the Atlantic.


Back-to-back storms at the weekend left more than 45,000 homes without electricity across the country.

Two people died in London , thousands were left without power some schools were closed and train services hit by high winds.