Himachal receives generous aid from foreign countries for Covid-19


A spokesperson of the Health Department, Himachal Pradesh, said on Tuesday that the state has been receiving generous aid from foreign and national organisations to manage the crisis of Covid-19 pandemic. He said that the items received are being distributed to the various health facilities as per the requirement. This is helping the State to augment resources for the management of the pandemic. The following is the list of items offered:

United Arab Emirates:  196900 three ply masks, 480 Fabipiravir tablets, 15500 gowns and 22400 goggles have been received from .

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United Kingdom: 36 Oxygen Concentrators and 350 D-Type Oxygen Cylinders

Kuwait:73 Type-B Oxygen Cylinders, 100 Type-D Oxygen Cylinders, 77 small Pin Type Oxygen Cylinder,  30 big Pin Type Oxygen Cylinders and 78 D & B-Type Regulators.

South Korea: 100 B-Type Oxygen Cylinders, 100 Oxygen Regulator Pin Large B Type, 100 Nasal Canualla and 2500 Standard Q Ag-Test Kits to the State.

Singapore: 242 empty oxygen cylinders of 2Lt and 46 empty oxygen cylinders of 40Lt. Finland: 60 D-Type Oxygen Cylinders of 50 ltr capacity and 26 D-Type Oxygen Cylinders of 10 ltr capacity.

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United States: 80010 N-95 masks and 28832 Viral Transport Media Tools.

Kazakistan: 57720 three ply masks,

Taiwan: 185 Type-B Oxygen Cylinders,

China:  150 Oxygen Concentrators,

Switzerland: 50 ventilators

Canada: 20 ventilator accessories,

Spain:  41 ventilators

Egypt:10 ventilators

Oman: 10 TemizivaTocilizumal 400 mg (20ml)

Australia:50 transport ventilators