Himachal Governor rides on Shimla-Kalka Rail Car


Governor Bandaru Dattatraya today enjoyed rail car from Shimla to Kalka journey with family members.  During the journey, he also stayed for a short period at Barog and visited railway station and received information about this historical station.

Governor and Lady Governor Vasantha Bandaru were welcomed at Barog by Station Superintendent Dharam Dutt Upadhyay. The Governor visited the office building and tunnel and with keen interest attained knowledge regarding the same. This office building was built in 1902.  Upadhyay informed the Governor about the historical background of Barog station and also about Colonel Barog and British officer Harrington.  The Governor also enquired of the Nails Token Instrument system, with the help of which the train runs.

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On the occasion, the Governor said that when he was the Minister of State for Railways, he worked towards the promotion of heritage railway track.  He said the Shimla-Kalka railway track was an international heritage and was truly a center of attraction.  He expressed satisfaction over the cleanliness and maintenance of Barog railway station.  He said that this station should be further developed and additional facilities should be provided so that more and more tourists could visit this place and which would also give a further boost to the tourism activities in the State.