Give it time, slow down


Written by VP

Humans must move; it’s their natural instinct. They must go far and wide. They must unravel new havens. Can they be requested to pause? Slow down? Take it easy in times as desperate as these, when the world is plagued by a pandemic that is eating into the entails of most nations across the globe?

A few blessed countries remain untouched or seem to have defeated Covid-19. Or, have they? Are there no chances of another wave of this deadly disease? Should they be wary? Australia and New Zealand are a case in point. Agreed, they seem to have overcome the virus as of now. Agreed, they are a first-world country where humans are better organized. Agreed, they value life more. Should they keep their guard up though? Hordes of questions, answers none; at best, uncertain. Nobody knows. The Spanish flu of 1918 infected 500 million people – one-third of the world population at that time – and killed close to a 50 million in four successive waves. If that is any indicator, denizens of Australasia should be mindful. Shouldn’t they?

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Indians are different. They seem to have overcome it all as soon as the lockdown was lifted. Life is back to normal. The mask is an appurtenance to deceive cops; social distancing is just a fad. After all, what can a virus do to a nation where people’s immunity is boosted by drinking water straight from dirty taps? The travelers are back with fake certificates, trying to breach the borders of tourist destinations. The fire in their belly has been stoked by days of forced isolation. They are free birds now, out to spread wings in lands distant. And, with them, possibly, the wings of another visitor that does not need a check-in, a certificate. Or, even an invite. The corona virus!

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Is it time to slow down? Pause…

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