Fijian govt to enhance border security, travel facilitation


Fiji’s border security and travel facilitation is expected to be further enhanced following the launch of the two-year “Strengthening Fiji’s Border Management Capacity” project in Suva on Sunday.

Implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the Fiji Department of Immigration, the project aims to strengthen the Fijian Government’s migration governance by enhancing border security and travel facilitation.

Acting Director for Immigration Ms Amelia Komaisavai, while officiating as Chief Guest at the launch, said that the project would certainly complement the Department’s current efforts in modernising its services.

“We are looking forward to the capacity-building programs which will enable the Department to respond to emerging global migration trends in the COVID-19 environment as this will continuously impact how we, as Fiji’s gatekeepers, manage passengers at our borders,” Ms Komaisavai said.

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“This project will enable the Department to address changes to the new norm preceded by COVID-19 in Fiji’s economic recovery effort and striking a balance between security and the humanitarian aspects.

“The project will also strengthen our capabilities to address immigration-related crimes, including human trafficking at our borders and streamlining immigration processes to enhance service delivery and efficient movement of persons whilst maintaining adequate security measures.

Ms Komaisavai added that through this project, the Department will be better equipped to assist key stakeholders and other border agencies in addressing complex security issues.

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IOM Chief of Mission to Fiji Mr Solomon Kantha said the project will deliver technical support, including capacity development and training on process improvement, policy development, data sharing and administrative streamlining, mentoring and the development of proposals on improved governance structures.

“The objective of this project is also to contribute to the Fijian Government’s commitment to strengthening migration governance through enhancing border security and travel facilitation which aligns with targets under Fiji’s five-year National Development Plan,” he said. The project is supported by the IOM Development Fund.