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False baseline results will no longer be prepared in schools: Punjab education minister


The burden of farcical results would be taken off the shoulders of the teachers and students in order to make Punjab the top state in terms of education, only genuine results would be carried forward, said Education and Sports Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer.

Speaking during a programme on the issue ‘Sikhya uttey Samvaad’ on a TV channel, the minister further said that the rat race by the previous governments to show false baseline results to emerge as No. 1 had a devastating effect on the academics. The deteriorating level of education was revealed in personal interactions with the students during the visits to the schools.

The earlier governments didn’t care to provide basic facilities and not even the class – IV but showed falsified baseline results for which copying was encouraged so as to present a semblance of a good picture.

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That explains why the government Schools are lagging behind despite them having able teachers, he said. Though some government schools such as the one in Fazilka are far ahead of their private counterparts and that too without government aid.

Hayer said people have pinned hopes of improvement in education sector on AAP. Feedback is being gathered from teachers, students and even class-IV employees by visiting the schools at ground level so as to formulate comprehensive policy for reforming education sphere.

The feedback showed that the online classes had a bad effect on education as most of the students didn’t have mobile phones.

The minister also added that today’s curriculum needs to be in sync with the present and future times especially the demands of the industrial sector as well as the respective geographical entities and the government is working on it.

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He further mentioned that the policies are being framed in consultation with the people. The emphasis is being laid on generating jobs in the private sector apart from preparing the students for the government jobs. He said he would personally meet the young achievers so as to inspire others.

Hayer said that in sports, Punjab slipped from 17th to the 18th position. The state government is working very hard to revolutionize education as well as sports and the efforts would bear fruits in the next five years, he said.