Extreme weather strips Perth supermarket shelves of essential items

Supermarket shelves across Perth have been stripped bare after extreme weather in South Australia disrupted supply chains.
Floods in the SA outback last week has damaged the rail line linking Perth to the eastern states, causing a logistical headache for West Australian businesses.
Dairy products, paper towels, eggs, toilet paper, and some meat products are some of the items in short supply at supermarkets across Perth.
Throughout Australia, Woolworths has put a two-pack limit on toilet paper, pain relief and oral analgesics, while in WA there is a two-pack limit on sausages, mince and chicken.
Coles has also announced a two-pack limit on painkillers, and a one-pack limit on toilet paper.
The supermarket shortages have triggered calls by logistics businesses for the Federal Government to invest more into national railroad infrastructure.
Severe weather warnings remain in place in South Australia’s flood-affected northern outback today.
The Bureau of Meteorology has warned the deluge could continue this morning for the communities of Marla, Coober Pedy, Roxby Downs, Leigh Creek, Moomba and Marree, with more storms expected to dampen the already flooded state tomorrow.