Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine on fire after Russia attack

Europe’s largest nuclear plant is on fire after Russia attacked the power station in the southern Ukrainian city of Enerhodar, a spokesperson said.
A government official told The Associated Press elevated levels of radiation are being detected near the site of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which provides about 25 per cent of Ukraine’s power generation.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the information has not yet been publicly released.
Plant spokesman Andriy Tuz told Ukrainian television it is urgent to stop the fighting to put out the flames.
Enerhodar is a city on the Dnieper River that accounts for one-quarter of the country’s power generation.
The fighting came as another round of talks between the two sides yielded a tentative agreement to set up safe corridors inside Ukraine to evacuate citizens and deliver humanitarian aid.

Russian troops are shelling Europe’s largest nuclear power station in Ukraine.

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“We demand that they stop the heavy weapons fire,” Andriy Tuz, spokesperson for the plant in Enerhodar, said in a video posted on Telegram.

“There is a real threat of nuclear danger in the biggest atomic energy station in Europe.”

The plant accounts for about one quarter of Ukraine’s power generation.