Eraring Power Station closure tough for workers: Matt Kean


NSW energy supply will remain secure after the closure of the Eraring Power Station following the NSW Government’s announcement that it will move to accelerate transmission upgrades and the construction of new electricity generation.

Minister for Energy Matt Kean said ensuring affordable and reliable electricity for NSW energy consumers and supporting jobs were the focus of the NSW Government’s response to Origin Energy’s announcement it will close the Eraring Power Station in 2025.

“I am disappointed by today’s announcement and this is a difficult day for the Lake Macquarie community,” Mr Kean said.

“The planned closure of Eraring is especially tough for its workers, their families and local communities, many of whom have helped power NSW for decades and my expectation is that Origin does the right thing by its workers.

“Origin raised the possibility of this closure a number of months ago and, with advice from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), we have developed a comprehensive plan to ensure that NSW has reliable and affordable electricity.”

To ensure energy reliability, the NSW Government will work with industry partners to install the Waratah Super Battery, a 700MW/1400MWh grid battery, by 2025 to release grid capacity so Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong consumers can access more energy from existing electricity generation.

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“NSW has the strongest reliability standard in the country – the Energy Security Target – which aims to have sufficient firm capacity to keep the lights on even if the State’s two largest generating units are offline during a one-in-ten year peak demand event,” Mr Kean said.

“Our giant grid battery will act as a shock absorber, so that transmission capacity currently kept in reserve to handle shocks, such as lightning strikes, can be freed up to transfer energy to consumers.

“AEMO has advised that this additional transmission capacity will give the State’s consumers access to enough existing electricity generation to meet the Energy Security Target at the time Eraring closes,” Mr Kean said.

To keep downward pressure on electricity prices, the NSW Government will also accelerate the delivery of new supply through the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap (Roadmap).

“The best way to put downward pressure on electricity prices is to increase supply and the Roadmap provides us the tools to do just that,” Mr Kean said.

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“Under the Roadmap, the Consumer Trustee tenders for new renewable generation and storage and we will be investing $84 million to accelerate its delivery.


“We are also establishing a Transmission Acceleration Facility to accelerate the delivery of priority transmission projects and Renewable Energy Zones, which are modern day power stations.


“In addition, we are providing a $47.5 million to accelerate the development of pumped hydro in the State.


“My focus is set squarely on making sure the families and businesses of NSW have the reliable and affordable energy supply they need and that is the purpose of our plan.”


This is the NSW Government’s energy response to the announcement of the closure of Eraring. The NSW Government’s plan to support jobs will be released in the coming days.


For more information please refer to the NSW Government’s Energy website found HERE.