Varun Dhawan, founder, and director of LA Language Academy Australia is a rising star in the Australian education scene.

With the modern era we have now that is constantly changing and evolving, Varun conquers this fast-paced world of technology with dedication and vigor, and the education sector is no exception. At just a young age of 25, Varun Dhawan is a leading force in implementing an innovative, efficient, and highly accessible education platform that uses up-to-date software and the smartest AI-powered technology, already boosting users at a rapid pace, since founding it in 2018.

Varun finished his Bachelor of Business and Commerce – Accounting and Finance at the Western Sydney University from 2015 to 2018. And with a number of other accomplishments under his belt, Varun’s aspirations and desire for helping those in need have molded him into who he is now. Not only was he a recipient of the Dean’s Merit Certificate for three years, but he was also an active member of the South Asian Society. Not to mention that he acquired an overall GPA of 6.18/7 and was also invited to join the Advanced Business Leadership program that was initiated by their university for High Achievers. Though he started out in a country far from his home in India, and even juggling different jobs and taking other great leaps along the way so he could get to know Australia and the country’s unique and special culture, he continues to be humble in character.

Innovations and Technology at LA

Varun’s and his team’s most prestigious work is that of LA Language Academy, the most innovative AI-powered Practice Portal (www.languageacademy.com.au). Along with his team of highly skilled teachers, Varun builds a strong network with the intent to bridge the knowledge gap between his community of learners in Australia, and all other parts of the world. The LA Language Academy portal boasts cutting-edge technology through AI-powered software where students can log on to anytime and anywhere. The first of its kind, the portal makes use of technology that allows the students to access their lessons and learning requirements, while at the same time tailoring these lessons for each student’s needs individually.

Some special functions include instant feedback based on users input, speaking evaluation through AI-Voice recognition and pronunciation enhancement for all the different accents using machine learning, writing evaluation with advanced machine learning focusing on grammar, structure, syntax as well as the composition of the text, tracking the student’s progress, identifying areas of improvement, and allowing both the teacher and the student to focus on these certain areas in order to improve them. All this is tailored to student’s performance and desired score, all with AI and at a click of a button.

This platform is so that each of his students would have equal opportunities for learning, regardless of their location, accessibility, or differences in language proficiencies. As unique as each student is, the portal serves as an avenue to improve each of his or her capabilities by helping them identify their weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

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Given Varun’s forte and business acumen, LA Language Academy was founded by Varun way back June 2018, and up to the present continues to rise up as a leading education platform that provides both guidance and assistance to future takers of the PTE, IELTS, and NAATI CCL Exam, and even practice material for language skill improvement. With already two branches in Australia and the third one in India, the LA Language Academy portal has continuously been unmatched when it comes to providing quality guidance and supervision for students around the globe.

More about you?

Varun has also become a modern-day influencer by devising platforms to achieve his goal, and this includes his very informative YouTube channel (Language Academy Australia), which already has more than 65,000 subscribers and counting! His channel served as the start of his advocacy where he taught international learners about the best language lessons that would help overcome the language barrier across countries and even give out tips on anyone who would wish to be a future resident of Australia. This is a testament that Varun is indeed an influencer and is at the forefront of the education industry even at a young age.

Yet his passion prompted him to think of something bigger, bolder, and much more accessible; and this turned out to be his famous high-quality and web-based Online Practice Portal!

Learners are in for a treat, as they can easily access and connect to the LA Language Academy Portal online where they attain long-term knowledge in cracking their exams. Here, using the AI, the student’s speed of learning is customized which allows each student to get a grasp of the language they’re learning at their own pace.

LA CCL Mobile Application and other innovations

Along with the portal, Varun led his team of expert teachers and professionals in developing the first mobile application for the NAATI CCL Exam offering 10 different languages, so that his students can use it whenever they wish to practice, and study for (and definitely pass!) the challenging NAATI CCL exam. The app has gained increasing recognition among the NAATI CCL test-takers to practice and evaluate themselves.

On the technical side, Varun continuously oversees his software engineers steering them towards the potential opportunities by overcoming the current market gap, along with providing directions in creating and designing the app that allows them to answer mock tests and exams in a similar way to that of the actual PTE and NAATI CCL exams. Aside from these, the portal also contains progress trackers, strategy lessons and videos, practice tasks, and mock exams where the students get their feedback immediately after they’re done answering. In-depth analyses of topics are also available, along with tips and lessons that the students need to improve or work on, that would serve as guides for whenever they would want to review their source material again. To date, the combined active users on the portal and practice app count to 75,000, and Team LA aims to reach 200,000 users by the end of 2021.

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With his teaching methods and source material deemed as the best and most reliable in the field of teaching, Varun indeed continues to be a trailblazer in the industry. As a matter of fact, he even garnered a perfect score of 90 in the PTE exam a total of five times! Varun dreams of extending this success to his students, which is why a majority of them have been able to obtain their desired scores and get across the finish line. Some have even posted their testimonials online, praising Varun and his team for being well-versed, experienced, for giving timely feedback and helping strengthen their weak points.

COVID-19 and LA Language Academy.

Even now with the difficult time that we have in this COVID-19 pandemic, Varun yearns to reach out and make things easier for others during this rather bizarre time. Varun has combined his expertise and vision so he could help his students out, which is why he designed the portal in a way that connects learners all over the world while at the same time imparting quality lessons that they can use in the near future. A student even emphasized how consistent and reliable Varun’s methods are and how they give individual attention to each one. His esteemed app harbors not just an up-to-date interface, but also a user-friendly system that allows everyone of various ages, especially those in Australia who remain cautious during this pandemic, to navigate it smoothly and without hassle in the comforts of their homes. Since the introduction of the portal and the app, there has been a dramatic increase in the students’ performance and the success rate has gone up by 45%.

Currently, the pandemic has seemingly shaped everything we used to know in the world into new and unknown things; the “new normal” as they called it. Our world has somehow been put to a standstill, and yet for some of us, it’s as if we are diving into a scary future with unknown possibilities. But with the help of LA Language Academy and under the guidance of Varun Dhawan and his team, learners, and eager students all over the globe can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that their continuous learnings, improvement, and success are very much in good hands. They no longer have to wade in deep and unfamiliar waters, as LA Language Academy will in some way pull them back to shore.

LA Language Academy’s To-do list includes opening more branches across all major cities of Australia. Also, the team is working on new AI technologies to be implemented in the current platforms to make them more advance and hi-tech.