Darwin hit by magnitude 6 earthquake near Indonesia’s Banda Sea

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck near the Banda Sea has been felt in Darwin, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said.
More than 100 residents in the Northern Territory capital have reported feeling tremors, which shook beds early morning.
United States Geological Survey said the earthquake occurred around 182 kilometres north east of Lospalos in Timor Leste, also known as East Timor.
It struck at a depth of 126 kilometres. There is currently no tsunami threat to Australia.
Local Jasumati Patel told 9News.com.au the quake lasted for several minutes.
“I am a deep sleeper and live on the third floor,” she said.
“I woke to the bed shaking strongly, that lasted a few minutes and then got a bit lighter, which continued for a few more mins.”
It’s not yet known if there is any damage relating to the quake.
Darwin is no stranger to earthquakes due to its proximity to Indonesia, which is situated on the Ring of Fire.
In the early hours of December 30 2021, residents had felt tremors caused by a a magnitude-7.3 quake.
It hit north of Timor-Leste, in the southern Banda Sea, Geoscience Australia (GA) said.
It comes more than a week after residents in Western Australia felt a 4.7 magnitude quake hit — part of a wider “swarm” of minor quakes to hit east of Perth.