Covid cases spike by almost 10,000 in two days in NSW

Covid cases have spiked in New South Wales since the start of the week, with daily numbers up almost 10,000 in two days.
The state recorded 24,151 new COVID-19 cases today, up from 15,572 on Monday.
Case numbers can often be seen to rise early- to mid-week, possibly suggesting a tendency for people to get tested after weekend social activities.
For example, while daily COVID-19 cases have risen since Monday, they are slightly down on where they were last Wednesday – 25,235.
NSW also recorded 15 new deaths.
The state has 144 COVID-19 patients in hospital, 51 of whom require intensive care.
In Victoria, there were 12,150 new COVID-19 cases, and three deaths.
Victoria currently has 331 patients in hospital with the virus, including 16 in intensive care.
Further north, Queensland Australian Medical Association President Dr Maria Boulton has hailed the state government’s decision to roll back remaining vaccine restrictions, saying it was time businesses got back to normal.
“As of yesterday, more than 90 per cent of Queenslanders over the age of 12 have had at least two vaccines for COVID, which is great news,” Dr Boulton told Today.
“That is why it’s important to start easing restrictions. Business owners don’t want to be the COVID police any more.”
But she urged people to stay mindful and keep up mask-wearing and social-distancing habits, noting Queensland was still in the middle of a second Omicron wave.
“We do expect that there will be other waves of different variants, especially as international borders open up,” Dr Boulton said.
“The best thing to do is and sure you are up-to-date with boosters. There is nothing else we can do. It is everywhere.”