Chopper carrying meat industry leader Paul Troja crashes in regional Victoria

A longstanding leader in the meat industry has been identified among those killed in a deadly helicopter crash in regional Victoria.
Paul Troja, 73, was among the five people who died when a chartered helicopter crashed on Mt Disappointment, north of Melbourne, yesterday.
All aboard, including the 32-yr-old pilot, were killed, police confirmed.
The helicopter had been headed to Ulupna in Victoria’s north.

The 73-year-old Albert Park man was well known within the agricultural industry. Radfords is a family-owned business operating out of the West Gippsland region.

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Troja and three others were viewing an agricultural property in Ulupna on the Victorian border when their helicopter crashed, killing them all, The Herald Sun reported.

An Inverloch woman, 50 and two men from NSW, aged 59 and 70, have not yet been publicly identified.

Avlaw Aviation consulting managing director Ron Bartsch said it was still too soon to determine the actual cause of the crash.

Mr Bartsch said the helicopter flight operator Microflite had a near perfect safety record and there was only one possible explanation for the crash.

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‘The aircraft is a very common type of aircraft,’ he told Channel Nine’s Today on Friday. ‘Six passenger aircraft, very reliable.