BJP’s Uma Bharti, Pragya Thakur want some places renamed in Bhopal


Senior BJP leader Uma Bharti and the party’s Lok Sabha MP Pragya Singh Thakur have demanded renaming of certain places located in and around Bhopal, including Halali Dam and Islam Nagar.

Ms Bharti on Monday sought renaming of Halali Dam, a popular picnic spot located on the outskirts of Bhopal, saying the current name conveys a sense of “betrayal and hatred”.

Pragya Thakur, the BJP Lok Sabha member from Bhopal, on Tuesday backed Ms Bharti’s demand and also sought change in names of some other places, including Lal Ghati and Islam Nagar, in the Madhya Pradesh capital.

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Ms Bharti has written a letter to Berasia BJP MLA Vishnu Khatri, saying the name “Halali” is an “expression of betrayal, deception and inhumanity in historical perspective”.

The former Union minister urged Mr Khatri to take up the issue of name change with Minister for Culture and Tourism Usha Thakur.

The dam falls under the Berasia Assembly segment of Bhopal district.

In her letter, Ms Bharti said Dost Mohammed Khan, the founder of the state of Bhopal, had killed his friendly kings at Halali, where water of the nearby river had turned red due to their blood.

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“So the name of this place evokes a sense of hatred,” the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister said.