Australia set to witness more cold nights, warmer days

Much of Australia will continue to shiver through a cooler-than-normal May this weekend, with temperatures at night set to remain icy across the board.
While highs during the day are expected to warm up most in regions affected by the recent cold snap, as soon as the sun sets many states will see single digit lows.
The south-western parts of the nation will cop the brunt of the extreme weather in the coming days, with widespread rain and two cold fronts making their way across WA from tomorrow.
The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast that the second of the cold fronts will make its way across the state on Sunday, bringing with it the coldest weather WA has seen this year.
Elsewhere in the country, NSW is set for a mostly fine Friday, with some showers forecast for the afternoon, a sunny Saturday, and a partly cloudy Sunday. The high temperatures will sit at around 18C across both days and lows expected to drop to 11C and 12C respectively.
Yesterday, Sydneysiders woke up to a freezing 9C morning, marking the longest stretch of cold days in May for around 54 years.
A broad high is behind the frosty conditions in the country’s southeast this week, causing unusually cold conditions and clear skies, which have remained dry. Cloudless skies means that heat from the earth’s surface effectively evaporates into space at night.
Further south, Melbourne will see minimum temperatures of just 7C today and 6C tomorrow, but enjoying sun during the day, while in Canberra, temperatures are expected to remain cool again, with a minimum of -2C forecast over the weekend.
Queensland is set for a warm day today statewide, with some rain expected in most coastal regions and over the weekend. The Gold Coast will enjoy 23C today with cloudy conditions expected over the city for most of the day.
Most of South Australia is expected to see sun over the coming three days, with chilly temperatures setting in at night and a high of 23C from Friday to Sunday.