Ali Fazal takes to kickboxing; trains with fitness MMA coach Rohit Nair


Our very own Guddu Bhaiyya aka Ali Fazal has been toiling away at the boxing ring lately. Friends of the actor say that he has taken to the sport rather keenly for the last few weeks and has been training under MMA fighter Rohit Nair. A pioneer in combat sports, the coach has been training Ali in various fighting forms. As is customary, trade circles are abuzz that Ali has been roped in for a full-blown action role and the long hours are preparation for his part.

Ali says, “I like natural forms of fitness over spending hours at the gym. That’s never been my style. During the lockdown, I got spoilt, because I shot a film that required me to be hefty and heavy. So I have been through a very unhealthy phase in my life. In the last few months, I have started alternating between usual training and boxing”.

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Quiz him if it’s a part of his prep for his next film and he remains tightlipped, offering only, “It’s too early to talk about what and when. But there is a larger goal in sight too. To fight the depression that comes along when you gain unhealthy weight be it because of a pandemic, or a film, or any other reason. For now, I am enjoying training each day, learning a new skill.“

Coach Rohit added, “Ali is a kind of guy who doesn’t like to leave the session until he perfects the technique and completely drenched with sweat, it’s a balance of hard work and fun with him, training him has made me a better coach. We are working on combat training and performance-enhancing training, which includes running, kickboxing, Jiujitsu, functional and strength training.”