Albanese dodges questions on NDIS plan, aged care


Labor leader Anthony Albanese struggled to list his six-point NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) policy during a press conference before being grilled by reporters for seeking help from an aide.

Albanese was directly asked to list Labor’s six-point plan on the NDIS, he struggled to get through an answer before facing a barrage of follow-up questions. “What that is about is making sure that we take pressure off people who are, at the moment, having their programs cut,” he said.

“What we will do is put people at the centre of the NDIS.”

The travelling press pack then began peppering the Labor leader with questions, asking: “Do you not know what the six points are for the NDIS question that you were asked before?”

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Another reporter jumped in and said: “Are these the six points that had to be handed to you by your advisor?”

“You have just been handed the six points, Mr Albanese, what are they?

“You did not know your own policy Mr Albanese.”

Clearly looking down at his lectern, the leader then rattled off Labor’s six-point NDIS policy.

When pressed on the question later, he read the policy plan from a piece of paper handed to him by an adviser.

He was later asked to list the five-point plan for aged care, which he also did not answer.

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Before the press conference concluded the media attempted to trip the Opposition Leader up again asking if he knew Labor’s five-point plan on aged care.

But Mr Albanese bounced back and said: “It is nurses 24/7, it is making sure 215 minutes of care are given, it is making sure that there is better accountability in terms of for every dollar that is Spent, it is making sure, as well, that there is better food and nutrition, and we will have Maggie Beer help with that. The last and important part is better wages for people in aged care.”