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AISECS celebrates Diwali at The Parliament House of NSW


By Team Fiji India Times

On 19th of October, 2022, Australian-Indian Sports Educational & Cultural Society (AISECS) organised Multicultural Diwali in NSW Parliament. Established by Gurnam Singh in 2018, AISECS aims to promote and strengthen the bilateral ties between Australia and India in priority sectors of sports, education, and culture.

It was a grand celebration of Hindu cultural heritage which highlighted the victory of good over evil or light over darkness. With NSW economy opening after two years of Covid lockdowns and threatened by 70 flood warnings today, this significant Diwali celebration was attended by Hon. Jonathan Odea, Speaker, Parliament of NSW, Hon. Mark Coure, MP, Minister for Multiculturalism & Seniors, Daniel Mookhey MLC, NSW Shadow Treasurer, Hon. Scott Farlow MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to Treasurer, Hon. Gurmesh Singh MP.

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Even though, there was a sitting parliament, parliamentarians such as speaker, MP, ministers and shadow ministers made their way for the celebration. Attendees heard stories of their dedication for the state as they finish parliamentary debts at 1.30am and went to bed and only to be woken my young child at 4am. The celebration also had an incredible Jugalbandi performance by Manjula group and dances by Rasika Dance Academy and Rohini Roy Chowdhury to bring in the festive spirit.

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Community leaders and representatives such as Usha Dommrajau, Harmohan Walia, Indranil Halder , Saroni Roy and Amitava Goswami were present too. Jane Wilkins attended the event in her saree too. Guests such as Aparna Das was delighted to attended the event from Kolkata, India. Tasty Gajar Ka Hawala was prepared by The Secret Kitchen with other dishes catered by NSW Parliament catering.

It was amazing to hear, Hon. Jonathan Odea, Speaker of Parliament of NSW greeting nearly one million Indian diaspora In Australia, “Happy Diwali !”.