19 die across NSW, Victoria as Omicron BA.2 spreads

COVID-19 cases have surged again in New South Wales with 24,803 new cases recorded overnight, while numbers in Victoria have dropped slightly.
To compare, yesterday NSW recorded 24,115 cases.
Overnight, eight more people with coronavirus died in the state, while hospitalistaions increased slightly to 1180.
Intensive care admissions are sitting at 43, down one from yesterday.
Victoria recorded 10,259 cases overnight, down from 10,471 reported yesterday.
Eleven more people have died and hospitalisations have increased to 244, with 25 now in ICU.
The Omicron BA.2 sub-variant is driving the increase in infections.
Speaking to Today, director of CSIRO Dr Rob Grenfell said the infectious strain has taken Australia “by storm”.

“The issue for us is you’ve had some degree of immunity if you’ve had Omicron BA version 1 but not solid immunity,” he said.”Other variants are always emerging and we are watching, particularly with interest, this so-called Deltacron.
“There is not evidence at this stage to work out whether it is a problem to worry about.”
The comments come after the Victorian Department of Health said BA.2 has been detected in all Victorian wastewater catchments. “It is the dominant strain in more than 80 per cent of metropolitan samples,” it said.

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